An atheist converted after "somebody" answered prayer



How the devil fought in those early days, but God gave gracious victories! Miss Archer tells of one trial that turned to blessing. "We cooked on a little oil stove and used coal oil lamps. Fall was coming. We had to have heat for our buildings. A well driller was contacted to come to clean out an old gas well. He came with very little equipment and no faith in God. He worked a while, then told us there wasn't any gas left in the well. We prayed. God assured us we would get gas. The driller worked a while longer, then quit. Mr. Swauger begged him to let the bailer down one more time. Suddenly there was an explosion. The pressure blew all the remaining debris out of the well. We had gas. The atheistic driller said, 'I don't know if there is a God or not, but somebody is surely answering those people's prayers.' Later he became ill. He called for the Bible school men to come to pray with him. He was gloriously saved."


From: The Mountain Shall Be Thine, by Lela McConnell