Saved by testing God



Some years ago there was a man called Tambring, who lived in a little town on the border between Holland and Germany. He worked in a spinning mill and was a socialist and an atheist. One day his little niece fell ill. His sister, who wanted to fetch a doctor, asked Tambring to stay with the child. While she was tossing feverishly, the little one said, "Uncle, pray that I may get well again." He could not pray, "Uncle, pray!" the child begged. Much embarrassed, he tried to calm her, but in vain. "Uncle, if you don't pray I shall have to die." Then, strong man that he was, he fell down beside the little bed and cried, "O God, if there is a God, hear me and heal the child." The little one smiled, and laid her head on the pillows. She fell asleep, and her breathing grew more regular. A profuse perspiration broke out, and when her mother returned some hours later with the doctor he said in astonishment, "The child is saved." Tambring went quietly into his room and locked the door. He prayed again, and the God who heard his prayer for the child likewise answered his cry for salvation. He came out of the room a new man.