His newfound Friend



A minister visited a nobleman in a Russian prison. He read a passage of Scripture and prayed, but his words met with solemn contempt. Before leaving, the pastor gave the man a Bible and urged him to read it. No sooner had the minister left than the angry prisoner kicked the Book into the corner. He thought, the Word of God, indeed! Why is this God not meting out justice to the tyrants who are abusing me? As the days passed, a terrible loneliness nearly drove him out of his mind. Snatching the Bible from off the floor, he opened it. His first glance fell on these words from Psalm 50:15, "And call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee." He was surprised and touched by such a pointed invitation, yet pride prompted him to shut the Bible and drop it. The next day desperation compelled him to seek the only companion of his solitude. This time he began to study its pages. Seeing himself as a sinner, he opened his heart to Christ. His waking hours which were formerly spent wallowing in self- pity and bitterness now were being given to his newfound Friend. The shadows of death and injustice gave way to new light from another world.