Love lifted me



One of the most heart-moving conversions that I have ever known, I witnessed in my city, during the holiday period in mid-winter. There reached me the message that a little Sunday school boy in one of our mission Sunday schools had been accidentally shot by his little neighbor friend. I hurried to the humble home as fast as I could go. I found the unconscious little fellow in the hands of two skilful doctors. Said they, "He will not live. The shot is unto death." I went back the next day and the boy's father was in the stupor of a terrible drunk. I went back the next day, and the father was sobering up. He would walk the floor as tears fell from his face, while he looked on that little suffering boy, nine or ten years of age. Bending over his boy, he would say, "My little man is better, and he will soon be well!" The little face was clouded as he feebly whispered, saying, "No, papa; I will not get well." And then the father protested, as he said, "You will get well, and I will be a good man and change my ways!"

The little fellow's face was clouded, and he kept trying to say something, and I reached for the man to bend over to catch it, and this is what we did catch, after awhile: "When I am gone, papa, I want you to remember that I loved you, even if you did get drunk!" That sentence broke the father's heart. He left that room, unable to tarry any longer. A few minutes later, I found him lying prone upon his face, there upon the ground, behind the little cottage, sobbing with brokenness of heart.

Said he, "Sir, after my child loves me like that, oughtn't I to straighten up and be the right kind of man?" I said, "I have a story ten thousand times sweeter than that to tell you. God's' only begotten Son loved you well enough to come down from heaven and die for you, Himself the just, for the unjust, that He might bring you to God. Won't you yield your wasting, sinful life to Him, and let Him save you?"

Then and there he made the great surrender. You should slip into one of our prayer meetings, when the men and women talk about what Christ has done for them, and one of the most appealing and powerful testimonies you would hear' is the testimony of this harness workman, as he stands up, with tears on his face, to tell you that love brought him home when everything else had failed. They criticized him; they scolded him; they railed at him; they pelted him with harsh words because he drank. Then a little boy said, "Papa, I love you, even if you do get drunk," and love won the day when everything else failed! -- George W. Truett