The boy who held the lantern



On one occasion when Whitefield, the great preacher, went to America he stood on the steps of the courthouse in Philadelphia, and preached to the people. There was, amongst the crowd, a little boy. The little boy saw that Mr. George Whitefield could not see to read his Bible very well, so he got his lantern, and lit it, and held the lantern for Mr. Whitefield to see to read by. Mr. Whitefield was very much obliged to him. The little boy listened with all his might and main to Mr. Whitefield's preaching. He listened so much that he let the lantern tumble down, and it was broken all to pieces.

Many years afterwards, Mr. Whitefield came back to America, on his fifth journey, he stopped at the house of a minister, who said: to him one day: "Do you remember, sir, preaching once in Philadelphia, and a little boy, who was holding the lantern, dropped it and broke it?" "That I do," said Mr. Whitefield, "and I would give anything in the world to know what has become of that little boy." The minister said, "I was the little boy, sir. I held the lantern. I listened to you. I let it drop. Your preaching made me what I am, a Christian minister." -- J. Vaughan