A prayer finished in glory



Several years ago a minister in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the close of his sermon, felt led to do an unusual thing, He said, "If there is someone here that is sick of sin, and wants us to pray for you, raise your hand," A young man sprang to his feet, and said, "Pray for me, sir, I am sick and tired of sin," The minister learned later that for eight years the boy had been a wanderer on the earth, The minister advised him to write home and tell his parents what he had done, He did, and after several days of anxious waiting, a letter came from his mother, but it was bordered with black, With tear-dimmed eyes he read:

"My dear son: The joy which your letter brought to our hearts was only exceeded by the sadness which was there at the same time, for as nearly as we can figure, the same hour that you found Jesus Christ as your Saviour, your father was going out into the skies. All day long he tossed upon his bed. Every little while he would cry out in misery, 'Oh God, save my poor wandering, drunken boy today!' We would try to divert his attention from your waywardness and sin, but his mind would roam from place to place, and he would cry out in sorrow, 'Oh, God, save my poor wandering, wayward boy today!' Just as he passed away he cried: 'Oh, God, save...' and he finished the prayer in the presence of Jesus."

Down at the bottom of the letter the mother added a note saying, "You are a Christian tonight because your father would not let God go." -- Prairie Pastor And Overcomer