Good seed, even one grain



To show the need of circulating the Scriptures all over the world, the following remarkable incident will bear witness. An American missionary was sent to Burma to make inquiries about the languages. He himself spoke Burmese, and traveled up the country for many hundred miles. One night he encamped near a small village. Here he heard prayer going on in Burmese. He listened, and to his utter astonishment heard, not the name of Buddha, or that of any idol, but the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the more surprised, for he knew that no missionary or white man had ever been to that part of the world, and so he went into the village and began to make inquiries.

He found that the head man of the village had, some years previously, been down to another village some miles distant and had brought an article of food wrapped up in a Burmese printed paper, which happened to be one single chapter of the Word of God with a piece torn out of the corner. He read it, and having himself sought to put sin away, he found that Savior Who is the Son of God, and Who he found was able to cleanse from sin.

He now called his friends together, and read that piece of the Scriptures to them, and induced them to put away their idols. When this missionary found them they had been for six years praying to Christ as the Savior of sinners. This is the blessing of God upon the glorious work of spreading abroad simply and solely the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. -- Friends Witness