Bread sown upon the waters



The editor of The Dawn vouches for this incident, which he received from one of the persons concerned. Some years ago a steamer was wrecked. One of the crew succeeded in supporting himself upon a piece of wreckage, and the horror of his position awoke the pangs of conscience. It was a mail steamer, and hundreds of letters floated by him in the water. One, the envelope of which the water had made transparent, caught his eye: he saw a verse of Scripture, and he seized the letter. It was from a lady in England to a soldier in India. That letter brought him to Christ there and then. When he landed, for he was rescued, he found the lady from the address on the letter. She said: "I felt God tell me to write that letter to the soldier; but I confess that when I heard the mail boat had gone down, I wondered why God had done it." He said: "You may write another letter to the soldier if you wish; but this letter goes with me to my grave." -- The Alliance Weekly