The Bible often speaks to men



A woman whose husband was a confirmed drunkard led a most miserable life until one day a colporteur came to her poor home and brought her a Bible. She found much comfort in reading it and soon came to treasure it above everything. Her husband sneered and railed at her about it. One day, when he came home half intoxicated, and found her sitting over her newly found treasure, he snatched the Bible from her, threw it into the stove, and set fire to it. "Now we shall see," said he, "what will be left of your new religion."

The next day he opened the door of the stove, and taking the fire tongs, was about to stir up the cinders, which, as he thought, were all that was left of the Bible, when his eye fell upon the words: "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away." Having been thrown in closed, some pages of the Book were partly preserved, and these words stood out clear and distinct. They were like a revelation to the man; he stood convicted and awe-stricken. Soon after he was converted, and led a different life. -- Sunday School Times