Awakened by the Spirit through a song



A thoughtless young woman in Scotland was one day invited by an acquaintance to accompany her to a Moody and Sankey meeting. She declined to go, but on being further pressed, consented and went. She was not impressed by anything she heard in the course of the meeting. Indeed, she thought there was nothing in it," and wondered why they should make so much ado about what seemed so common place.

The last hymn," Yet There Is Room," was being sung by Mr. Sankey alone. He had reached the last stanza: "Ere night that gate may close, and seal thy doom, Then the last long cry, "No room, no room! No room, no room! Oh, woeful cry, No room!"

These last words of Dr. Bonar's hymn fell upon the ears of the young woman like a sudden thunder clap She left the meeting, but the words went with her. "No room, no room!" still rang in her ears. Conscience awoke at the sound of this warning bell. Nor could she rest until as she trusts, she found rest in the great Redeemer. -- Dr. Pentecost