Dying woman and the blood of Jesus



We would not want to be understood that approaching death absolutely cuts off all hope for the sinner. We think of Christ's mercy on the cross to the dying thief. Real faith in the atoning blood is bound to succeed at any time it is exercised, but the odds are certainly against deathbed repentance. Sinners usually die as they have lived. The following story will illustrate the mercy of God toward one who had not the chance that many others have had:

"A Christian visiting among the poor, one day engaged a man in conversation about his soul, and while referring to the Bible he held in his hands, was startled by a feeble voice near by saying: 'Does your book tell of the Blood that cleanseth from all sin?' The visitor entered the room from which the plea had issued, and upon a bundle of straw in a corner he found the wasted form of a suffering woman. Raising herself up on one arm as he entered, she fixed her large eyes upon him and repeated her question. 'My poor friend,' he said, 'what do you want to know of the Blood that cleanseth from all sin?' Her voice and manner now became startling as she cried out, 'What do I want to know of it? Man! I'm dying; I'm going to stand before God! I have been a wicked woman all my life. I shall have to answer for everything I have done! Once,' she continued, 'as I was passing a door, I heard something about the Blood which cleanseth from all sin. Oh, if I could hear of it now! Tell me if there is anything about that Blood in your book.' The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chapters of First John were read before she would consent to a pause. Almost from the very first she seemed to find peace and joy in believing in Jesus, in Him who gave His life for the remission of sins. In a few days she passed away -- a ransomed soul."

Why will people postpone their calling upon God till death or calamity stares them in the face? If only calamity will wake up a slumbering, sinful world, then we say, Lord, send the calamity!


From: SIN, THE TELL-TALE By William Edward Shepard, God's Revivalist Press, Ringgold, Young and Channing Sts. Cincinnati, O.