How an oyster helped save a soul



The providential manner in which some people have been led to see their sins and then yield to God is simply marvelous. The "Sunday School Times" gives the account of a man being cornered in the depths of the sea.

"A professional diver has in his home two oyster shells with a piece of printed paper between them. While diving one day he observed at the bottom of the sea an oyster on a rock with this paper in its mouth. He detached the oyster and held the paper close to the goggles of his head-dress, and in reading found it to be a little gospel tract earnestly calling upon whosoever should read it to repent at once and give his heart to God. It came upon him so unexpectedly, and so impressed his heart that he said, 'I cannot hold out against God's mercy in Christ any longer, since it pursues me thus.' And down there at the bottom of the sea he repented and breathed out his heart to God in prayer."


From: SIN, THE TELL-TALE By William Edward Shepard, God's Revivalist Press, Ringgold, Young and Channing Sts. Cincinnati, O.