He Chooses the Weak



A touching story is told in connection with the work of the Countess of Huntingdon among the colliers in the English Black Country. Finding that many of these poor miners had never heard the name of God. or of Christ, she sent out preachers to hold meetings among them in the open air. The Wesleys, Venn, and Whitefield were among her helpers.

In a cabin on her estate there lived a crippled blind girl, named Elixa Poulard, who heard of this great work. She was carried to the castle, and asked that she might see Lady Huntingdon.

"Can I help?" she inquired humbly. "I never have done anything for God."

The servants would have driven her away but the Countess interfered "She is lame and blind, and scared at her own voice," they said.

"God calls His own messengers," replied the Countess. "Carry her to the meeting at the mines tonight."

Eliza, in her solitude, had learned many hymns, and her voice was of such a tone that it would wring the heart of the most beastly. When she sang of Christ upon the cross, the women cried out, and the men wept sore. No words of the preachers were as powerful as the song of the poor cripple, lying there on her pallet. They carried her from one place to another, and many people were converted as a result of her ministry of song.

It is said that when Lady Huntingdon told her of the souls she had influenced for God, her poor, ugly face grew beautiful as the face of an angel.

"Who would have thought He would have chosen me!" she said.


From: THRILLING STORIES For Young And Old By Julia A. Shelhamer, God's Bible School and College, Cincinnati, Ohio. No Date