Leading a Father to Christ



Some years ago a farmer lived near the main traveled road opposite a little running brook. In one corner of the fence near by, his little eight-year-old daughter had built a playhouse with broken plates and dishes, where she spent many happy hours by the side of the brook. Her father was not a praying man, but he dearly loved his little daughter.

She was taken sick and when, near the close of her life, she felt a strong desire to see her playhouse again, she asked her father to take her there. He remonstrated with her, saying, "My dear, you are too sick to go there." She insisted, and he finally took her carefully in his arms, and carried her to her playhouse and sat down with her.

She gazed a long time at the place she had so often visited, and then, turning to her father, said. "Father, I wish you would pray." He answered, "Why do you want me to pray, my dear?" She replied, "I want to tell Jesus my father prays."

He turned his face away to hide the tears, then carried the little one back to her bed.

It was not long until her gentle spirit had gone to be with God, but her last words were, "I want to tell Jesus my father prays."

These words kept ringing in his ears until he fell on his knees and became a praying man.

"A little child shall lead them."


From: THRILLING STORIES For Young And Old By Julia A. Shelhamer, God's Bible School and College, Cincinnati, Ohio. No Date