He was converted through the efforts of his son



My husband and I recently held a revival in St. Helens, Lancashire, England, for pastor and Mrs. William Hardy. He was converted through the efforts of his son. I will give you Mr. Hardy's story in his own words:--

I got married in 1920, and soon proved how unhappy married life can be when Christ is not the Head of the house. My evil conduct made home life impossible. In drink I was very quarrelsome, and would even go to the extent of striking my wife. My affection for her was stifled; at times I just wanted to get rid of her, and on two or three occasions I deserted her. The pleadings of the police court authorities had no effect; we would come together again, though it was only to be miserable once more.


"A Little Child Shall Lead Them"


A little boy was given to us, and when he was just two-and-a-half years old his mother sent him to Sunday School. That afternoon, sitting in an old armchair, sleeping off the effects of drink, I felt a tug at my arm. Opening my eyes, I saw little John, who said: "Daddy, I have been to Sunday School."

"What did they teach you there?" I asked none too kindly, and he replied, "They told me about Jesus." The devil in me made me say, "Well, don't go there any more." That evening, as I was going out for more drink, John followed me to the door and tugged at my coat and said, "Are you going to Sunday School, daddy?" I said, "Yes," just to satisfy him; but that just gripped me and, instead of going with my pals to the public house, I crept into a little chapel near our home. An old miner was preaching, and thank God he was no Modernist. He told us about Jesus. I was really glad to get out, for I thought someone must have told him about me. and all the next week as I was drinking as usual, I was very miserable; for the words of my baby kept striking me: "They told me about Jesus."

I had heard that a prayer meeting was to be held at the chapel the following Sunday morning at eight o'clock and, as I could not sleep that Saturday night, I got up and went, not having any idea what a prayer meeting was like. The meeting was in the vestry, but I knelt in a pew in the chapel outside the vestry door, listening. A man, a saved miner, came in late and, seeing me kneeling there, put his arm around me and said, "Come in here, while we pray for thee." The miner who had preached the Sunday before saw me and prayed, "Lord, drop down your two hands and put them under this lad and lift him out of the gutter." At night I went again, and another miner was preaching. The place was full and I sat right at the back. I cannot remember what was said, except that Christ was able to lift me out of the gutter. After the sermon a girl got up and sang Miss Havergal's wonderful hymn: "Take my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee." As she sang the very first verse, I got up and walked to the front. No appeal had been made; I do not know what made me do it; all I know is that I knelt down and that miner came and knelt by my side, and I said to him, "If this Christ can do for me what you say He can do, then I am ready to give Him a chance." Strangely enough, he did not pray with me, nor did I pray: I did not know how. But I am sure that from my heart there went up a great, unuttered prayer to this Christ to save me.


"A New Creature"


I went home and went up to my wife, put my arms around her and said, "You and I are going to live a different life from now on." She replied, "Oh, you will never stick to it; it's only a story." Thank God, she is now saved and sticking to it, too. That night as I went to bed, I prayed. Thank God, He has made me a man who loves prayer!


From: THRILLING STORIES For Young And Old By Julia A. Shelhamer, God's Bible School and College, Cincinnati, Ohio. No Date