Inky darkness



A woman was a professor of religion. She was an ardent "church worker" but she was worldly. Sickness came, and, as she thought, death had come. The doctor was there. Friends were standing around the bed. She was, as they thought, unconscious. The doctor said, "She is sinking, she will soon be gone." The woman later said, "I could understand them, but could not speak. I felt that I was surely dying. I felt myself sinking into eternity and out before me was an ocean of inky blackness. Horror filled my soul. I could not speak but I could pray." "Thank the Lord, we can pray and God will hear if we cannot speak." She said, "I did pray. I said, 'Lord, I have been a hypocrite. I knew better. I am sorry and ashamed, and if you will spare me and forgive me, I will be true." God heard her and she was spared. When she was well she admonished all to be sure it is well with the soul. It is fearful to come to the end and find an ocean of darkness.


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo