"O my Jesus, I do love thee!"



Rev. William Taylor tells of a young German in California, whose leg was broken, and whom he found in a dying condition in a stable. He at once directed the dying man's attention to Christ, and he soon believed to the saving of his soul, when he exclaimed, "O my Jesus! my Jesus! I do love thee!" As he continued to praise God, he every now and [238] then turned his eyes towards Mr. T., and said, "I am so glad you came in to see me. I did not know Jesus till you came in and told me about my precious Saviour." His strength failing, he said, "My poor body, he is very sick, he will soon go down; but my spirit, he is well now, he will soon go up to my blessed Jesus."


From: The Testimony of a Hundred Witnesses (1858) Compiled by J. F. Weishampel, Sr.

[THW 238-239]