"I never felt so before."



Rev. William Taylor relates the case of a young man, Judson Forbes, whom he visited in the U. S. Marine Hospital, in 1856. He was in a dying condition. He exclaimed, "O, what must I do to be saved? I am a great sinner. I have felt myself a sinner ever since I left home, a mere boy, and went to sea, and my mother's prayers have ever been ringing in my cars." Mr. T. gave him directions to hate his sins, to trust in Christ as his all-sufficient Saviour, and asked him, "Are you not glad that you have such an almighty and sympathizing Saviour, on whom you may cast all your sins and sorrows! You are trusting in Him now, are you not?" "Yes!" exclaimed the dying sailor, the tears flowing down his sunken cheeks, "Oh! oh! oh! I never [239] felt so before! I feel such a load taken off my heart. I feel that I could fly away to the arms of my blessed Jesus. I never before had any idea of the ability and willingness of Jesus to save me. I feel that He hath saved me. He hath cleansed me through and through. I hope to see God in heaven, before tomorrow morning." In two days after, he fell asleep in Jesus.


From: The Testimony of a Hundred Witnesses (1858) Compiled by J. F. Weishampel, Sr.

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