At the close of a prayer-meeting, the pastor observed a little girl, about twelve years of age, remaining upon her knees, when most of the congregation had retired. Thinking the child had fallen asleep, he touched her, and told her it was time to return home. To his surprise, he found that she was engaged in prayer, and he said: “All things whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” She looked at her pastor earnestly, and inquired: “Is it so? Does God say that?” He took up a Bible, and read the passage aloud. She immediately commenced praying: “Lord, send my Father here; Lord, send my father to the church.” Thus she continued for about half an hour, attracting by her earnest cry the attention of persons who lingered about the door. At last a man rushed into the church, ran up the aisle, and sank upon his knees by the side of his child, exclaiming: “What do you want of me?” She threw her arms about his neck, and began to pray: “O Lord, convert my father!” Soon the man’s heart was melted, and he began to pray for himself. The child’s father was three miles from the church when she began praying for him. He was packing goods in a wagon, and felt impressed with an irresistible impulse to return to his house, he left the goods in the wagon, and hastened to the church, where he found his daughter crying mightily to God in his behalf; and he was there led to the Savior. – Foster’s Cyclopedia


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