The power of prayer

By Dr. N. Jerome Stowell



Jerome Stowell corroborates Peter's assertion that Christians are guarded by God's power and love, with some remarkable scientific proof. Dr. N. Jerome Stowell, a prominent American scientist, was once an atheist. For many years he worked with other scientists on research work into the hidden secrets of atomic science. In doing this he made discoveries which not only benefited science, but also changed his atheistic view of life. The following account of his life-changing experience, is from "Fellowship Magazine," South Africa.


"I was a cynical atheist who believed that God was only a projection of man's imagination. I was not able to believe in a living divine being, who loves everybody and has power over us.

One day I was working in the larger laboratory of a clinic. I was burdened with a task of measuring the wavelength and force of the radiation of the human brain. I agreed to undertake a delicate experiment with my co-workers. We wanted to examine what occurs in the human brain while passing from life to death. For this purpose, we had chosen a woman who suffered from a deadly brain cancer. In soul and spirit she was perfectly normal and generally known for her loving cheerful attitude. Physically, however, she was in a very poor condition. We knew that she was about to die, and she also knew. We had been informed that we were concerned with a woman who had lived believing in Jesus Christ as her personal Redeemer. Shortly before her death we placed a highly sensitive recorder in her room. This instrument would reveal what was going to happen in her brain during the last moments of her life. Above the bed we additionally placed a tiny microphone to enable us to hear what she said, should she at all speak before dying.


An Overwhelming Experience.


Meanwhile we went to the adjoining side chamber. We chose five sound scientists of whom I was probably the most moderate and hardhearted. We stood waiting before our instruments in suspense. The indicator was on 'naught', and was able to move up to 500 degrees to the right in positive registration and up to 500 degrees to the left in negative registration. Not long before, we had measured, with the help of the same apparatus, the output of a broadcasting station which was broadcasting a program 50 kilowatts strong into the ether. It concerned a message which could be carried around the world. During this test we noticed a positive reading of nine degrees.

The last moments of the dying woman appeared to have arrived. Suddenly we heard her praying and praising God. She implored God to forgive all those who had wronged her during her life. Then she gave full expression of her faith in God by saying, 'I know that you are and will remain the only reliable source of power for all Your creatures.' She thanked Him for His strength with which He had supported her all her life and for the assurance that she belonged to Jesus. She proclaimed to Him that in spite of all her suffering, her love for Him had not diminished. In recollection of the pardon of her sins through the blood of Jesus Christ, her words revealed an indescribable bliss. Finally she exulted in the joy and knowledge that she would soon see her Saviour.  We stood around our instruments deeply moved. We had already forgotten what we really wanted to investigate. We glanced at each other and were not ashamed of our tears. I was so gripped by what I had heard that I was compelled to weep as I had not done since childhood. Suddenly, while the woman continued to pray we heard a clicking sound from our instruments. Looking at them we found the indicator to be at 500 degrees positive and continually beating against the limitation. The radiation energy must have exceeded the scale of our instruments. Only the small limitation pin hindered the indicator from climbing higher.

Our thoughts raced. We had now, with the help of a technical survey, made a tremendous discovery: the brain of a dying woman who was in contact with God, developed a power which was 55 times stronger than the output of the world-wide broadcast message. (Here one is reminded of the statement Dr. Alexis Carrel, the Nobel Prize winner, made, that "Prayer is the strongest form of generative energy.")

To continue our investigation we united ourselves once more in a new experiment. This time we chose an almost insane man. After we had set our instruments again, we asked the nurse to irritate the patient in some way. The man reacted with insults and swearing. As if that did not suffice, he made ill use of the name of God in a blasphemous way. Again our instruments began to click. Our eyes were fixed to the scale in suspense. How shocked we were to ascertain that the indicator was on 500 degrees negative and had been forced against the limitation pin! We had reached the goal of our discovery.

Through instrumental measurements we had established what occurs in the human brain while transgressing one of the ten commandments. We had succeeded in proving scientifically, without doubt, the positive power of God and the negative power of the evil one. Very soon it became clear to us that a person living according to the divine laws and in contact with God radiates the power of God. However, by ignoring God's command, 'Thou shalt not .' one finds as a result a negative radiation, which is satanic force.

At that moment my atheistic philosophy of life began to crumble. The thought overwhelmed me, 'Could there be a God after all, who is able to receive the message sent to Him in prayer?' In that case even I was standing before the omniscient God. The foolishness of my unbelief continued to become more clear to me. Since I wanted to be honest with myself, I could not close out the penetrating truth. Thus I became a happy disciple of Jesus and learned to believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Today, I know that the halo which the artists have often painted around the head of Jesus, is not an artistic fancy, but a divine reality.

What a delivering force radiated from Jesus and is still doing so today! The same power should be revealed in the life of the redeemed, for Jesus said, 'You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses.' (Acts.1v8. R.S.V.) How much we all need this strength of God in the battle against the forces of darkness. As a former atheist I thank God that He filled me with His Spirit and His power.

Dear reader, how would the indicator of this scale react in your case? If you know that it would indicate negative, then I implore you to come to Jesus Christ, because He said: 'Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' Mt.11v28."