The following testimony was submitted by Chaplain Jimmy Huff. He writes:

I was born on November 2, 1944 into a family of 10 brothers and sisters. My mother was a Christian woman, but my father was an alcoholic and a child abuser. He spent all the family money on alcohol and unrighteous living. All through my growing up years, I hated my childhood, especially the beatings I got from my dad. I wanted to get away from it all.

There were four people in my hometown who took an interest in me and gave me work. They wouldn’t give me money, however, they would buy me clothes, shoes and my school supplies. I was the only one in our family who finished school.

After graduation, I joined the navy. In January 1963, I went to boot camp at San Diego, California. I was sent to Japan and while there, I made a new friend….Mr. Alcohol. I had always thought that because of all the things I had seen my father go through, I would never drink.

I was many thousands of miles away from home and very lonesome and homesick. One night a group of guys invited me to go to town with them. While we were bar hopping, one of them said, “Jim, take a drink of this.” I liked it. So I had seven or eight of those drinks. Then I was feeling so good, I didn’t care what I was drinking. I started drinking beer, whiskey, tequila, hot saki and all kinds of different drinks. When I passed out and couldn’t walk, they carried me home over their shoulders. That’s how I started drinking and became an alcoholic. I think I was even worse than my father.

One day I was shipped from Japan to Vietnam. I landed in Da Nang Valley, Vietnam where I worked on airstrips. While in Vietnam, I was introduced to another friend…dope. I started snorting dope, taking pills and smoking marijuana. I became a drug addict as well as an alcoholic. Finally, my tour was up and I got to go home after about three years.

I started a landscaping business in Brownfield, Texas, which became so successful that I was making more money than I had ever had in my life. But my drug habits were costing me about $200 a day for dope and alcohol. Then I decided I had to have more money. So I started stealing payroll checks and forging checks. As a result, I went to prison for forgery.

When I got to prison, they stripped me naked and shaved my head. I asked one of the guards what they were doing. He told me they were getting rid of the lice and fleas. Then he told me I was the scum of the earth. I hit him in the mouth, busting his lower lip and knocking out two teeth. That was my first day in prison. They gave me a year in solitary confinement for that.

I lived in a six-by-six feet cell and was in there for twenty-three hours a day. I only got out for one hour to shower and shave, then I went right back to the cell.

When I had been in there for about six months, the chaplain came around and asked if I wanted something to read. I said, “Yes,” and he handed me an old dirty brown book. It was a Gideon Bible. It had been misused and was torn inside. I had never read the Bible, so I took it and threw it under my bunk.

About two months later, around midnight, I was in the corner of my cell crying because I never got any visits or letters. The light from the moon came through the window and went under my bunk, hitting on top of that old brown Gideon Bible. I reached under there and brushed it off. I started reading in Genesis and I didn’t put that Book down for days. When I finished Revelation, with my heart aching and the Holy Spirit dealing with me, I fell to my knees.

I didn’t know how to pray so I took the old Gideon Bible and put it next to my chest. I said, “Dear Lord, I don’t know how to say this, but if You’re what this Book says You are, I need You. I need a Friend so badly. Nobody loves me or cares about me.” I felt like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders right then.

I started whistling and singing. I knew something important had happened. I took that Gideon Bible and it fell open to John 3:16. “For God so loved the world…” I had been looking for somebody to love me. I called upon the Lord to save me.

That next morning the chaplain came by and asked how I was doing. I said, “I am a new creature. I was born again last night.” He said, “Praise the Lord! I’ve got to get you out of here.” So the chaplain got me out and started teaching me. Before long, I was preaching inside Huntsville Prison in Texas. Chaplain Clyde Johnson gave me the opportunity to start preaching and teaching the other inmates.

It’s been twenty-three years since I was saved, and I still serve the Lord. I still carry a Gideon Bible. I cannot praise The Gideons enough for what they do. Over the years, I have seen them provide thousands of Bibles for prisoners. I thank God for the Gideon Bible and the Gideon ministry. I know others will discover that God love them, just as I did.


From: http://www.faithnews.cc/