Thailand: 134 families become Christians as prayer for rain is answered



Lun Poobuanak, a ceaseless Thai missionary among the Buddhists and animists in Thailand's Kalasin Province saw a whole village of 134 families turn to Christ when God answered his prayer for rain. One Sunday morning, during a service for a small number of Christians in the village, the village leader interrupted with an unusual offer: "If you will ask your God for rain this month, all 134 families in the village will worship your God and become Christians." The harvest in the fields was almost ruined, because the monsoon rains had not come. "I started by warning them not to play with God," says Lun, "but they said that they were serious, and swore to become Christians if the prayers were answered, saying 'If we don't, your God can judge us.'" Lun gathered the Christians together to pray and fast for rain for three days. On the fourth day, there was a cloudburst so strong that all the canals and rice fields were flooded. "The rain was so intense," says Lun, "that the villagers came humbly to admit that Jesus is the only true and living God in the universe. All 134 families became Christians. Even now, people in the area are becoming Christians because of this."


Source: Sower's Ministry, Hong Kong,