'The unknown God, who hung on the cross' rescued a whole village



"For 20 years, the inhabitants of a Cambodian village worshipped 'The God who hung on a cross' - without knowing Jesus," reports pastor David Em. The village in Khampong Thom province was controlled by the Khmer Rouge, but the people have since readily accepted the gospel, almost as though they had been waiting for it. An old woman told Em that God protected the people from being massacred with 1.7 million others in the 1970's. They were forced to dig their own graves while soldiers prepared to execute them. Desperate, they called on all the gods which came to mind to help them. Some prayed to Buddha, some to other gods, and the old woman prayed to 'the God who hung on a cross'. As they cowered on the ground, waiting for the shots, they saw a vision of the cross, then heard a voice telling them that they would be saved: 'None but I can save you,' it said. When they opened their eyes, the soldiers had vanished. Since that time, they have prayed to the God who rescued them, but they knew nothing about Christ until Em preached to them. "They now know Jesus by name and have started a church. The old woman is so happy; she had waited for this day for 20 years."


Source: Advance, Foursquare Gospel Church