An angel shows the way



"Good works are not the way to salvation," an angel said to a woman in Tatarstan in a dream. "Read the gospel, and good works will follow when you have Jesus," the angel continued. The woman's husband, who was interested in religion and philosophy, brought a bible home one day. After reading the first page, the woman could not put the book down. "That is the truth," she told her husband. They both decided to become Christians. This, according to the AD2000 women's track, is just one of the many reports from the International Christian Women's Prayer Conference in Cyprus. The AD2000 women's track wants to support and promote women in mission through prayer, encouragement and training. The movement's current leaders are Kenya's Judy Mbugua, Lorry Lutz from the USA, Australia's Robyn Claydon, Juliet Thomas from India and Mercedes Dalton from El Salvador.