Woman says God delivered her from homosexuality after 4-year relationship

By Eileen E. Flynn





Sunday, February 16, 2003


Teresa Britton didn't seek God. He came to her, she said.


The 40-year-old Leander resident said the Lord delivered her from homosexuality 2 1/2 years ago.


Raised Baptist in San Antonio, Britton attended Sunday school but "never got plugged into church." Faith became less relevant to her as she grew older. By her senior year in high school, Britton was frequenting gay bars in search of a relationship.

She wanted lasting love with a woman, she said, but it always eluded her.

Her most recent relationship lasted nearly four years. Then her partner left, and Britton's life unraveled. For 10 months, she sealed herself off from the world, depending on cigarettes and alcohol. Even when she began to move on and started attending church with a roommate, Britton said she still lacked peace of mind.

One night she was crying in bed when she felt God touch her, she said.

"The next thing I knew I was on the floor in a fetal position," she said. "Within that instant, all the lies that I ever believed and all the grays of my life became black and white. The truth had been revealed to me, and I knew the way I was living was wrong."

The lies, Britton said, were the notions that she was born gay and couldn't change. It was God's grace, she said, that allowed her the clarity to understand why she had sought romantic relationships with women.

Britton traced her lesbianism to an alcoholic, physically abusive father. She remembered witnessing her mother being beaten and the words she silently screamed inside.

"I will never, ever let a man treat me like that," Britton recalled thinking. "If that's what a man was all about, why would I want to be with one?"

In September 2000, a month after what she described as an encounter with God, Britton turned her life over to Christ, and she said she was saved at PromiseLand Church, the Pentecostal congregation with which she had begun worshipping.

Unlike some former homosexuals who sought therapy to overcome their same-sex desires, Britton said she never saw a psychologist.

"This whole thing has just been an act of God," she said.

Britton added that she would have been happy simply to leave her life as a lesbian behind her and remain celibate.

But she now finds herself attracted to men and believes she will get married.

"These people at this church are awesome," she said, smiling at her pastor, the Rev. Randy Phillips. Without the church, she said, "I would probably still be bouncing from one relationship to another. I would be on the road to destruction instead of the road to life."

Last year she found the woman who broke her heart and discovered she had also devoted herself to God. The two reconciled and are now friends.

"She's straight, and I'm straight, and there's no more crooked paths between us," Britton said with a laugh. "That was also a gift from God."