From the black magic to Jesus Christ

The conversion of a witch-doctor who had remarkable power from Satan



Happened in the Isle of Java


Mr. Sumrall tells the story of a village that is entirely Pentecostal.

While visiting the village of Gambang Walla, the mayor of this hundred per cent Christian village gave his testimony. He was so enthusiastic that I asked our interpreter to translate it to me. The story is as follows.

Many years ago, when he was just a boy, he came in contact with Black Magic and desired to have the power. Therefore he went into the bush and fasted and prayed for ten days and nights, begging spirits to inhabit his body. At the end of this time a power gripped his body that threw him over and over on the ground, making him foam at the mouth like a mad dog. From this time, he had remarkable power and was recognized as a doctor of black art. Some of the things he says he did, and all the people in the village verified it, are too weird for description.

Years later a missionary woman appeared in the village and began teaching about Jesus, and healing the sick. The natives began flocking after her, and this made the witch-doctor angry. He came to the meetings and sat and tried to throw his devilish influence over the missionary, so that she could not talk. He failed, although it did greatly disturb her.

He came a number of times until at last one night in a fury he challenged the young lady, saying that if she had more power he would leave the village, but if he had more power she must leave. The missionary said, ‘Well, do something’.

He walked to the front of the church before all the people and he lay down on the dirt floor, and was perfectly motionless for a few moments. He became stiff; one could hardly see him breathe. Then he began to move; his feet, head, body, all on a level, gradually ascended. He floated knee high, waist high. This was the power of levitation being demonstrated.

‘What can I do?’ said the missionary girl. ‘I know I cannot float in the atmosphere’. The natives were nearly hysterical seeing their master float. A thought came to the missionary that all she could do was to get him down. She reached and caught him in the chest, and shouted: ‘Come down, in Jesus’ Name’. Down he came, but started up again. Then she held him down.

The anointing of the Lord came upon her. The Apostolic ministry of Mark 16:17 became hers. She began to rebuke the vile, unclean spirits, commanding them to loose their victim in the Name of the Prince of Peace. The witch-doctor went into convulsions, but she held him down. He choked and foamed at the mouth, his stomach moved on the inside as if something was coming out. The girl, trembling under the holy unction of God, bound those filthy demons and delivered him of them. The missionary prayed that God would sweep and clean the temple and come in to dwell.

The witch-doctor stood up. He felt himself all over, then looked at the people and then at the missionary. He said, ‘Something has happened; my power is gone; but I am happy in my heart’. Praise God for a work that was done that night that has not ended yet.

Before the missionary would let the former witch-doctor leave the church, she laid hands on him and prayed for him to receive the Holy Spirit. He received that night, and has since become a leading native preacher in that part of the country. He is now the Honorable Mayor of Gambang Walla, the hundred per cent Christian village’.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, pages 224-225