A voice without a body



Dick Eastman, director of the mission agency Every Home Crusade (EHC), reports of some of what EHC staff experienced during their outreaches: One man tried to give a booklet about Jesus to a passer-by in a North African city. The man tore the booklet to shreds which he threw in the evangelist's face, then threatened to kill him. At dawn the next day, the evangelist was woken by a knock at his door, and found the young Moslem waiting outside. He now wanted the booklet which he had torn to pieces the previous day. When the evangelist asked how the man had found his address, the man told him "Oh, the voice in the night told me," and continued to explain that "a voice without a body" told him that he had torn up the truth as he destroyed the booklet. The voice then told him the evangelist's address and told him that if he would go to collect another booklet and believe what it contained, then he would have eternal life. The young Moslem happily decided to obey the voice and accept Christ; he has recently completed a six-month Bible course and is today a full-time missionary.


Source: Dick Eastman, EHC, Colorado Springs, USA


From: http://www.jesus.org.uk/