Hussein’s Search For God



This story is true, but the names of the people have been changed, and the country cannot be revealed due to sensitivity.


Hussein needed to send a truckload of building materials to a neighboring country. The materials were for a very important government official, to use to build his home. Hussein was responsible to make sure the supplies went where they were supposed to go. Everything seemed to be going fine, and so Hussein signed for the supplies.

But when the truck crossed the border into the other country, it disappeared! Hussein was frantic. He hurried to the other country to try to find the truck. But it was nowhere to be found. Hussein knew that if he did not find the supplies quickly, he would be in serious trouble. Since he had signed for the missing supplies, he could be imprisoned or shot.

Hussein’s business partner, a nominal Orthodox Christian, insisted that they go to his church and pray about the situation. Being a Muslim, Hussein was reluctant to enter the church. Prayer, he felt, would not help. Finally, just to please his partner, Hussein agreed to go.

When they entered the church, Hussein watched his friend and copied his actions. The friend knelt at the altar and closed his eyes. Hussein did the same. At that moment a strange thing happened. Hussein had a vision. He saw the truck with the shipment still on it! By observing the surrounding terrain, Hussein was able to identify its exact location. He tapped his partner’s shoulder. Excitedly, he said, “Stop praying! I know where the shipment is!”

They hurried from the church, and Hussein went to the place he had seen in his vision. The truck, with the shipment intact, was there. The materials were delivered without further incident. Hussein’s problem was solved, but now he wanted to know more about a God who answered prayer.

Hussein went back to the Orthodox Church and asked the priest to teach him about Jesus and Christianity. The priest refused. Islamic law forbids trying to convert a Muslim. The priest knew he could lose his life and cause the destruction of his church.

Hussein tried other churches. Finally he had approached every Christian priest in the entire city. Out of fear, each one refused his request. No one would tell him about Jesus.

Finally, someone told Hussein that if he really wanted to know about Jesus, he should return to his own country. He did, but its government is also Islamic. His inquiries met the same wall of silence.

For weeks Hussein went from church to church, trying to find someone willing to answer his questions. Finally he met a laborer who said, “My friend is a believer in Jesus. I think he will help you.”

Hussein met the friend. Through the friend’s witness, Hussein found an Assemblies of God church and learned about Jesus. He has opened his heart to accept Jesus as Savior.

Today Hussein is learning more about Christianity. His testimony about Jesus has already placed him in physical danger. It may cost him his life. But this time he is not afraid. He trusts the sovereignty of the God who answers prayer.


The information from this story came from Mountain Movers