Omar's Good Mistake



This story is true, but the names of the people have been changed, and the country cannot be revealed due to sensitivity.


ďOh, no, I forgot to bring a basket,Ē Omar muttered as he walked down the dusty street. ďHow will I ever be able to carry my fish back home?Ē

Omarís mother had sent him to the market to buy fish. In the Middle Eastern village where Omar lives, people take baskets with them to the marketplace. Then they can carry their food home easily. But Omar forgot his basket. How could he carry several large, slippery fish home without dropping them?

The man at the fish market didnít have a basket either. But he did have an idea. Carefully he wrapped the fish in some papers someone had given him. Now Omar could carry the fish without a problem.

Omar reached his house, handed the fish to his mother, and went on to do other things. Soon he forgot about the problem at the market.

But God had just begun to work in Omarís home. The man at the market had used gospel tracts to wrap the fish. As his mother began to prepare the fish, she read the words printed on the tracts. They told about God and how much He loves everyone. Omarís mother thought the words were beautiful. She was curious to know more.

Later she showed the tracts to her husband. He too liked what he read. He shared them with his friends. They all agreed that they had never heard such sweet words.

The people in Omarís village are Muslim. They do not know that Jesus is Godís Son or that He died to save from our sins and give us eternal life. They follow the teaching of a man named Muhammad.

But Omarís family could not forget the words on the tracts. Omarís father wrote a letter asking to know more about Godís Son. He sent it to the address printed on one of the tracts. Soon he received a New Testament in a language he could read and understand. Eagerly he began to read more about Jesus.

A few days later, someone came to Omarís house. He was the man who sent the New Testament to Omarís father. He talked to the family and answered many of their questions about Jesus. Today a group of Christians meets in Omarís village.

When Jesus was on the earth, He once used a young boyís fish to feed 5,000 men, plus women and children. Jesus used the fish Omar bought to share the gospel with Omarís mother and father. It was no accident that Omar forgot to take a basket to the market that day!


Information for this story was supplied by Missionary Del Kingsriter.