The power of the Word



Syeed was a Bengali guard hired by missionary Tom McDonald to protect the property of a Christian hospital under construction in Bangladesh. As Jay Walsh tells the story in his book Ripe Mangoes, a Muslim named Syeed noticed another worker, Monindra, reading an unfamiliar book.

One day Syeed visited Monindra to ask what he was reading. "That's a Christian Bible," he replied. The Bible was so precious to Monindra that when Syeed asked to see it, he refused. But Syeed would not be denied. For nearly a week he would sneak into Monindra's quarters, take the Bible to a secluded place to read, and then return it unnoticed.

Then one day Syeed could not be found. After a short search, he was discovered kneeling before that Bible, calling out, "Lord Jesus, save me!" As the months and years passed, Syeed suffered severe persecution for his beliefs, yet he never backed down from the decision he made that day while reading a "borrowed" Bible.


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