Hardcore Criminal to Worship Leader



Tshering Penjor was a terrible criminal. He was a drug addict, and a notorious gang leader. He always carried a revolver, and went around and forced people to give him money. If they had nothing to give him, he took their animals and their property. He regularly broke into homes and robbed people, and committed murder several times. One day when he was on a drug trip he tried to kill his own parents, but fortunately failed. 

One day, on his way to the temple, Tshering met a Christian named Tashi, from a local church.  Tashi shared the gospel with Tshering, and gave him a tract about how Jesus could deliver him from drugs. Tshering listened, and read the tract with great interest. Tashi started visiting Tshering every day in his home, befriending him, and telling him more about Jesus. After some time, Tshering came with Tashi to church. There he gave his life to Jesus, and was transformed by the power of God into a totally different person. Tshering was baptized in water. Tshering’s 
family was also saved and added to the church after seeing the amazing change in his life.

Happened in Buthan

Today Tshering is a music leader in a local church in the capital. He also goes out on the street regularly, plays his guitar and sings gospel songs, and shares his testimony with his addict friends.

From: http://www.sowers.org/