From darkness to light



Former Roman Catholic Priest and Professor






IT is a privilege to pen a few lines by way of explanation to this new book, From Darkness to Light, by Francisco Lacueva. It is a unifying of Dr. Lacueva's two previous publications, My Damascus Road and What Happened!, both of which have been revised for this new edition.

Living, as we do, in this remarkable ecumenical age with its so-called "winds of change", it is good and wholesome to have a breath of spiritual stability. So many religious leaders are seeking to build a modern ecumenical movement with the co-operation of the Church of Rome that it is essential to have the wide and varied experience of someone who knows and appreciates both sides of the question. Dr. Francisco Lacueva is certainly such a one for a time such as this and his knowledge of Romanism makes challenging reading now that he is a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So many people have read his second book without having read the first that it has become evident that there should be a reprint and as his second book is now sold out, it is obvious that there will be a further demand. After much prayer and careful consideration, it has been decided to produce the two books in one. Apart from some necessary revisions, both books are reproduced in their entirety.

I would add a word about the author. The Lord has been pleased to call Francisco Lacueva into full-time missionary witness and later this year, he, with his wife and family, will leave for service under the auspices of the Strict Baptist Missionary Society.

May the Lord richly bless His servants.

N. P.

July, 1969.


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