He was praising God in Hebrew



A medium was convicted of guilt in regard to sin and was attending the meetings. During a meeting he heard a voice which expressly commanded him: 'Go to Lake and ask him to pray for you.' Jumping through the benches, he came to the pulpit and said to John Lake: 'Man of God, the Lord told me you must pray for me'. Lake and another missionary laid their hands on him and that man was immediately delivered, baptized with the Holy Spirit and He praised God in another tongue.

Among those present was the sister of the first rabbi of Johannesburg. To her great astonishment she noticed that the former medium was praising the Lord in Hebrew


From: John G. Lake, Il deserto fiorirÓ. Testimonianze di RISVEGLIO del SUD AFRICA e predicazioni di fede, [The desert will flourish. Testimonies of REVIVAL in SOUTH AFRICA and messages of faith], Brindisi, Italy, 1985, page 23