Several years ago, during a worship service here in Rome, while we were praying and praising God, a Rumanian brother who was standing behind us, while my brother Illuminato was speaking with a tongue as the Spirit gave him utterance (he was not speaking aloud, but with a normal tone), understood by the Spirit what my brother was saying in another tongue.

According to what that Rumanian brother told me and my brother afterward (for he did not interpret those words for the church), my brother in that moment was praying to God on behalf of some missionaries (he even mentioned their names in the prayer) so that God might meet their needs. When we heard that, we rejoiced greatly and we praised God (nevertheless, we told that Rumanian brother that he should have given immediately the interpretation to the Church), for we recognized the truthfulness of the Scripture which says that the Spirit "maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God" (Romans 8:27).


From: Giacinto Butindaro, Confutazione del libro di Tommaso Heinze 'La Bibbia e il Movimento Pentecostale' [Refutation of the book written by Tommaso Heinze titled 'The Bible and the Pentecostal Movement'], Roma, Italy, 2000, page 22