After 7 full days of the Glorious Presence of the Glory of God resting upon me, I send you this testimony for the Glory of God. For 3 months I have been exercised about the full Pentecost. I had the clear witness of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit 14 years ago last July, and this brought a marvellous manifestation of God in special gifts to sick ones, and a constant living and seeking to bring others to Jesus. But from time to time when reading the Acts of the Apostles I always saw that the signs were not following as I am led to believe ought to be after a real Pentecost, according to Mark xvi. The desire more and more increased in my very inner soul, giving me a holy breathing cry after this clear manifestation. I have visited meetings at London, and Sunderland, and other places, but always knew they were not seeking Pentecost. There seemed a great deal of letter, but very little of the spirit that would give the hungry and needy a Baptism of Fire such as would burn up distinctions and officiousness and appearance of Pride and evidences of social standing.

To-day I am actually living in the Acts of the Apostles’ time, I am speaking with new tongues, the Holy Fire of God’s Presence fills me till my pen moves to the glory of God, and my whole being is filled with the Presence of the Holy Ghost. Almost am I led to believe that 20 years is not too long to wait for the Holy Anointing of God the Holy Ghost.

On Friday, 25th, we had a special meeting at the Mission Room, Bowland Street, Bradford, and after waiting about 2 hours the Presence of God came in a wonderful way and gave me a move as at the beginning. I perfectly well understood the glow and Holy Presence. This was felt by others also. On Saturday, I and a friend went on to Sunderland to wait for Pentecost at All Saints’, at Mr. Boddy’s Church. We had heard much about this blessed work and were encouraged, but after arriving at Sunderland found the enemy very busy discouraging believers; this did not disturb me, because I had gone with an open mind and prayed much to be clearly convinced if there was anything there that did not reveal the Glory of God that I would at once have cleared out and protested against it, but God was with me there. But I found the full Presence and Power to restore believers and to heal the sick. My experience is that this does not take place in some kinds of meetings, the reason is that, to a great measure, they do not believe the full Gospel, and it is nothing new to me to find great leaders against the tongues, and I find that, even in these times, “they cannot enter in because of their unbelief.” I praise God for Pentecost.

On Sunday morning, Oct. 26th, after waiting much on God, I went to the Salvation Army Meeting, Roker Avenue. God bless the Army. They at once gave me a welcome, and already realising His Presence in my body I longed for communion, and when after praying the Glory of God covered me. I was conscious at the same time of much the experience I believe Daniel had in his 10th chapter. After this I regained strength to kneel, and continued in this Holy Glow of God all the day still realising a mightier work to follow. I went to All Saints’, to the Communion Service, and after this was led on to wait in the Spirit, many things taking place in the waiting-meetings that continued to bring me to a hungry feeling for Holy Righteousness. At about 11 a.m., Tuesday morning, at All Saints’ Vicarage, I asked a sister to help me to the witness of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. She laid hands on me in the presence of a brother. The fire fell and burned in me till the Holy Spirit clearly revealed absolute purity before God. At this point she was called out of the room, and during her absence a marvellous revelation took place, my body became full of light and Holy Presence, and in the revelation I saw an empty Cross and at the same time the Jesus I loved and adored crowned in the Glory in a Reigning Position. The glorious remembrance of these moments is beyond my expression to give--when I could not find words to express, then an irresistible Power filled me and moved my being till I found to my glorious astonishment I was speaking in other tongues clearly. After this a burning love for everybody filled my soul. I am overjoyed in giving my testimony, praying for those that fight this truth, but I am clearly given to understand that I must come out of every unbelieving element. I am already witness of signs following.

Praise Him.







From: Confidence, No. 7, October 15th 1908, pag. 11, 15, 16, Sunderland, England