The following is a late occurrence in Canton, China:--

In one of the large schools for girls in Canton is a young lady named Lam Yik Yan. She has a friend from the same school living in Hong Kong, who received her Pentecost last winter. On Lam Yik Yan’s return to school after holidays she was told that her Hong Kong friend had become possessed of evil spirits, etc. This she felt doubtful of, and went to God in earnest prayer to find out from Him if her Hong Kong friend was in the right way? (Oh, that multiplied thousands of Christians would go to God and find out FROM HIM DIRECTLY, and not take the word of any EXCEPT GOD.) Lam Yik Yan received the assurance from God that her friend was “in the right way, and was very happy”! The next day the Head Missionary of the school was warning the pupils against the “false doctrine,” when this young lady told him that God had already assured her that it was “the right way.” He produced two Chinese papers--“Pentecostal Truths”-- printed in Hong Kong, and handed them to her, saying, “See what false words your friend has been saying. Do you believe such doctrine?” She took the papers, and copied them as far as she could, and began to seek the baptism with the Holy Ghost. After she received her baptism, she wrote the following letter to her Hong Kong friends:--

“My parents and kinsfolk all opposed my seeking. I had the power on me for eleven days, when our school had a half-holiday and a lecture for ‘Girls’ Improvement.’ I heard a voice say, ‘Improvement of this world will surely be destroyed, but improvement of soul will be everlasting.’ I made up my mind to go to my room and pray from 1 o’clock till 5 o’clock p.m. When I prayed the whole room shook, and I heard a voice say, ‘Go to the rear of the grounds where you can pray and not be disturbed.’ I went, and God gave me a vision of heaven and hell. I ate of the fruit of the Tree of Life and drank of the Living Water. I was extremely happy. My tongue spoke another language. Though my parents and kinsfolk hated me, God said to me, ‘Jehovah is with you.’ When I asked God to baptize me with the Holy Ghost, I told Him I wanted it if all the people in the world HATED ME! Before my baptism God gave me texts from day to day, to encourage me and to give me strength in prayer. Now I look down on worldly affairs as flowers of this world. Formerly I sought things of this world; now I’m seeking things from above. Formerly while I’d sin and pray, God wouldn’t listen to my prayers; but now the voice of my prayers reach before the Throne. Formerly I read novels, now I am seeking promises of God and the teachings of the Bible. I am greatly helped by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am renewed and regenerated by the Spirit into a living being. Before, though I was called a Christian, I had my affections on riches and fame and this world: now I yield my body and soul to God.

“Forsaking riches of this world, I go to pray. Every night I think of your meetings in Hong Kong. Although my body isn’t there, my spirit is with you all before God--seeking and praying earnestly.

“If I have opportunity to go to Hong Kong during holidays, I will go and meet you all. Tell all of them to pray for me. Tell them to read II. Cor., i., 20, 21, 22.

“I send my greetings to all who labour for His Name and who suffer for Him, and I wish ALL to pray earnestly for ME! It is very hard to write letters here, as I have to write them when everyone is asleep.




From: Confidence, No. 5, August 15th 1908, pag. 21, 22, Sunderland, England