In writing my testimony I shall endeavour to state the facts as clear and precisely as I can.

I feel that I must start from the very beginning, to make it more clear to the reader. On the 8th December, 1907, I found the Saviour. Praise the Lord! On the Friday before the date mentioned I went out for a spin on my cycle, never thinking of the lost state of my soul. Before I returned home that night the seriousness of the situation was revealed to me. I resolved to give myself to God, and on the date which I have already mentioned I surrendered myself to God at a little meeting, in a little village, called Penpont, Dumfries-shire. I received a great blessing and experienced great joy. From the 8th December up to the 7th May I was serving God to the best of my knowledge. I knew that I was saved through the precious Blood of Jesus, which was shed for me on Calvary. I did not seem to get very much nearer to God during all that time, although God did work wonders in my life. I sometimes would feel very downcast and at other times I would be Iifted up to the highest heights. Matters continued to go on in vary much the same way until the 7th May, 1908. That day I heard from a brother about the great outpouring of the Holy Ghost at Coatbridge. After I heard of this, I felt a great longing come into my heart to know more about Jesus. I longed for something to strengthen the ties between God and myself. I went down to the meeting that was being held in Coatbridge that night, and I never forget the feeling of awe that came over me as I sat in that meeting. I realised then that I had not been serving God as I might have done. The very atmosphere of that meeting bespoke of the presence of God being there in great power. When I heard a brother burst into tongues during prayer, I was completely overcome. I never shall forget how I felt when I entered that little room, where the after-meeting was being held. I entered with fear and trembling. I got down on my knees and asked God to reveal unto me all that was sinful in His sight. After, I asked God to forgive all the things I had done against Him. I just asked God to accept me, body and soul, and to make me a vessel fit for His use. I laid everything upon the altar and asked God to send His Holy Spirit upon me. Things had to be put right which I never would have given a thought to in the earlier part of my Christian experience. Then I began to plead the precious Blood of Jesus. I think I pleaded for very near three-quarters of an hour. I gradually lost all consciousness of my surroundings. To me there was


in the room. I was quite oblivious to anything else that was going on in that little room. I forgot of the presence of the other dear souls, who were also pleading. The glimpse of heaven I got during that time I never shall forget. A dear brother and a sister came and laid their hands upon me. A short time afterwards I fell full length on my back on the floor, and it was then that the Holy Ghost descended upon me in full power. I cannot describe the feeling which ran through and through my body. I can compare it to nothing else but like unto an electric shock. At first my tongue began to utter strange words, from strange words to sentences, accompanied by such a feeling of joy, unspeakable joy. Glory to Jesus! I realised then that God had accepted the sacrifice. I praised God in an unknown tongue as the Spirit gave me utterance. Going home that night I sang praises to God as I never sang before. That night will always remain a page by itself in the history of my life. Hallelujah! The full meaning of the Cross came to me that night. I saw Jesus as I never saw Him before. He came close to me that night and has remained near to me ever since. God has greatly strengthened my faith. He has taught me how to pray, not a prayer with my lips, but a prayer with my heart. Instead of feeling downcast, now I feel very much uplifted. God has put a song into my heart which will ever remain. I have found the true meaning of the Blood of Jesus. When I feel the presence of the tempter, I have just to look back on the night when I received my baptism of Fire. I also have found the true meaning of Revelations 12, 11. There I have the victory through the word of their testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. Glory to Jesus for that precious Blood! I can sing now, with a full heart, ''Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine." May God continue to increase our faith. Dear reader, I feel that pen will never be able to write of this wondrous Love of our God. The way in which God has answered my prayers is simply wonderful. He has showered His blessings down upon one who was, so short a time ago, unworthy to take His name upon his lips, but, Glory to Jesus! it's all altered now. And now, to God be all the glory. Praise the Lord, oh my soul. Hallelujah! Amen.




From: Confidence, No. 4, July 15th 1908, pag. 8, Sunderland, England