A Pentecost by the Hudson River



In one of our later meetings we were deeply interested to hear Miss M. Sturdee’s story of her strange experience on the banks of the Hudson River (U.S.A.). Miss Sturdee is an old friend of many Sunderland people, and with Miss Schofield held a helpful Pentecostal League Mission at All Saints’ some seven years ago.

With her friend, Miss M. M. Schofield, she had been visiting a number of Pentecostal centres in the States, and was hoping to receive a full Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the Scriptural Signs. Then she had a dream, in which she saw a beautiful river rippling in the sunlight, and then across this picture the two Greek letters, “Alpha” and “Omega” (the first and the last).

It seemed to be a message from the Lord, it was so vivid. It was not long after that, in a railway train on a branch line running over a bridge and along the Hudson River, she looked out of the car window, and had to cry to Miss Schofield, ”Oh, this is MY River.” Then the power of God fell upon her, and in the car she found herself speaking in Tongues as the Spirit gave her utterance. She could not speak English again for some little time after. We all listened with great interest to this testimony. It seems as if scarcely two persons are dealt with in the same way, but the Lord does all things well.

Since leaving us, Miss Schofield has written (from Switzerland) a few words of appreciation of the Conference, which appear above, followed by some words from Miss Sturdee.


From: Confidence, No. 3, June 30th 1908, pag. 14, Sunderland, England