Gertie’s Pentecost



In days when children get old all too soon it is pleasant to some of us to meet with young people who are natural. Gertie is an unaffected schoolgirl, who hopes one day to be a teacher.

She gave her heart to Jesus in our meetings a few months ago. She could not get to many meetings, and so it was one Sunday night after Service in a Prayer-meeting in our large vestry that the Lord lovingly met her and mightily filled her with His Holy Spirit. We were all overcome with joy when she in Tongues and in the Spirit, in English, triumphantly assured the Writer that she had got her “Pentecost.” We all knew it, and we all were equally sure it was so, that the Lord had come to His Temple. Her joy was shared by all. We shall never forget it. There was our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue with joy.

Not many days after, a dear sister of hers seemed to be dying. The doctor said, “She is done, syncope will set in.” She had had dreadful haemorrhage for some five days. But a message came to Spirit-filled Gertie. The Lord took her up into her sister’s room, and she laid upon her her hands, vibrating with power, and she spoke in the Spirit the message: “Jesus has cured you, Jesus has cured you.”

It was not many days before the sister, who, from the human point of view, was “done,” might be seen sitting up, and then, later, going out, and now is taking long walks nearly every day. The Lord worked a miracle indeed, for which we praise Him. Gertie received her “Pentecost” just in time to be a channel of blessing to her sister.

A very practical result of the coming of the Latter Rain in our midst.


A.A. B.


From: Confidence, No. 2, May 1908, pag. 17, 18, Sunderland, England