Testimony of a Vicar’s Daughter (ENGLAND. SUNDERLAND)


That is what Christ has done, and is still doing for me ever since He baptized me with the Holy Ghost on Saturday night, September 21st, 1907. It was a wonderful night, and one never-to-be-forgotten, when the Holy Ghost descended in my own home. I had thought beforehand that it was not for me, and so I had never really sought for it in earnest, but Pastor Barratt said, “Supposing somebody had a five-pound note for you, what would you do?” “I would go and get it,” I said. “Well, then, that is just what you have to do now, God has His gift waiting for you, why not go and take it?“ So we prayed, and the Holy Ghost fell upon me in great power, causing me to shake very much and praise His Holy Name. This went on for some time, until a wonderful power seized my tongue and jaws, and I spoke in “an unknown tongue.” Great joy and peace came to me, and power seemed to be passing through my body and shaking it very much. Several messages were given, but it was not me at all, but Christ in me. I was powerless. Once I looked up and saw a wonderful light shining, and although I saw no form I knew it was the Lord, and I praised Him for it, He is so good.

Since then Christ is my one aim, life is not worth living without Him, He is such a wonderful reality.

One day, as I knelt in prayer, I felt coming over me a wonderful sensation; it was like a veil covering every part of my body from head to foot, and the words came, “The Blood of Jesus,” and I knew it was His protection from all evil and assaults of the Devil.

Jesus is always with me, silently planning for me, and it is very wonderful and real. When I was confirmed this year He was very present, it was like “The peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” My first Holy Communion was a source of great help and filled me with new spiritual life. I long to do more in His service and bring others to know of the same blessing which I have experienced. I can do but little, although my daily prayer is that I may do everything to His glory and for the sake of His dear Son.

My great wish is to be a Foreign Missionary, and tell the heathen of His wondrous love, but He will lead, and if the Lord tarries He will open the way, I am sure, for He never fails us. Glory to His Name.




From: Confidence, No. 2, May 1908, pag. 6, 7, Sunderland, England