Baptized in Honolulu



"For some two years there was a hungering in my soul for the Holy Ghost. I was fully given up to God, I know I was sanctified, but there was the lack of power and signs were not following. I was converted five years ago the 19th of this coming October. The following year I went to the Salvation Army training home. Whilst there God wonderfully blessed me. During the last few weeks at the training home the Lord gave me an outpouring of His Spirit, a number were saved and sanctified, and in the meetings people fell under the power of God. Afterwards the work was fought so hard that God withdrew His Spirit.

"While stationed as a captain in Salina, Calif, I received one of the Apostolic Faith papers. This was in September 1906. I here saw what was lacking, the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, I felt right along I had the Spirit, but I had never received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. While stationed in the Army work here I became sick, was doctoring and taking medicines. I became so bad I was compelled to go home. While on furlough in Santa Cruz at my home I had plenty of time for waiting on God. My father and mother also were hungering for the Holy Ghost, we had half nights of prayer in which we received great anointings and blessing.

"After a stay of nearly two months in Santa Cruz the Lord led me give up the doctor and medicines, which I did and accepted Him as my Healer. It was on the 3rd of November, 2 p.m., when God healed me. From that hour I began to get better, and today I am well and have not taken a drop of medicine since that time. To God be all the Glory. Bless His name.

"After a few more weeks rest I left for San Francisco, where I helped at one of the corps. Here I had a hard struggle in my soul, at times I did not know which way to turn. The struggle in my soul was terrible, it was hard for me to get a hold on God. I felt God calling me out on faith lines and to trust Him for all and let the Holy Ghost lead.

At that time I received orders from headquarters to go to the Hawaiian Islands. I felt I ought to wait and receive the Holy Ghost, so I put God to the test and told Him if He wanted me in the Islands He would have to send the fare along, as I would not collect for my fare. The money came and I took passage on the "Alameds." On this ship I met Brother Turney and his wife, and found them to be of the Apostolic Faith. Well, I felt better and saw God's hand. I was going on the steamer that left a week before the "Alameda" from San Francisco, but I happened to be on a train that was late in getting to the city, so that I missed the first steamer. The Lord wanted me to meet Brother Turney. If I had left on the first steamer I would have been out of Honolulu and on another Island.

"I told Brother Turney my spiritual condition. Thereupon they began to pray for me. During my voyage to the Island, the Lord was speaking to me and getting me ready for the coming Comforter. Glory to Jesus. I said to Brother Turney; I am not going to leave Honolulu until I receive my Pentecost.' Well, glory! after one day in the islands I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire and spoke in tongues. It cost me my position as an Army officer. The Lord told me I would have to leave the Army, as I could not glorify God and be under men-I would have to be led by the Spirit. The Lord has become so precious to me. I feel but a child. At present I am helping Brother Turney in the Mission. I am in God's hand to go wherever he leads me. The Bible is a new book. To keep humble and filled with the Holy Ghost we must prevail in prayer and study the Word."


Elmer B. Hammond, Honolulu, Hawaii.


From: The Apostolic Faith, Vol. I N. 7, Los Angeles, Cal. April 1907