Incident happened in India in 1906, a girl was found pleading God for Libya in another language by the Holy Spirit


Miss Minnie Abrams tells of a meeting held by one of the Mukti bands in Anrangabad in 1906. It was in the Church Missionary Society schoolroom. A little girl of nine was wonderfully anointed with prayer. Before going back to the Church Missionary Society boarding school in Bombay, from which she had come for a vacation, she asked her father if any one might receive the Holy Spirit. He told her that God would give the Holy Spirit to all who asked Him. On returning to the school she succeeded in getting four girls to join her in prayer, daily, for the Holy Spirit. Upon one of these, a girl of sixteen, the Holy Spirit was poured out with the speaking in tongues. She asked daily to retire to a room for prayer. She would become oblivious to her surroundings and time, wholly occupied in communion with God, praying always aloud. When it was discovered that she was speaking in a language not understood, Canon Haywood was brought in. He decided this might be the speaking in tongues, and took measures to find out what she was saying. In the cosmopolitan city of Bombay where many languages were spoken, he found one who could understand much of what she said. She was pleading with God for Libya, in North Africa. She did not always speak the same language.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, pages 109-110