John Follette



Miss Duncan further wrote: ‘Many times the tongues have been understood by missionaries and linguists who have heard the Spirit-filled speak Greek, Hebrew, German, Italian, French, Hindi, Chinese, and other languages. A most convincing incident occurred in our midst one Sunday evening. After the opening hymns were ended, John Follette, then one of the students in our Bible school, arose and began to speak with great feeling in the new tongue. After this he burst forth in rapturous song and then all was quiet. At the close of the service a lady and a gentleman, who were strangers, came to us and asked, ‘Who is that young Jew who spoke and sang?’ They were surprised to learn that he was not a Hebrew but only a young American. The gentleman then stated that he had lived in Paris and understood several languages and said that the young man sang and spoke in perfect Hebrew, rendering a Psalm which he had heard in the synagogues of Paris. He said the rendition was impossible to an American, the intonation and variety of expression was unique and could not be reproduced by a foreigner except in this supernatural manner’.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, page 49