Rivers of living water

How Agnes Ozman, at the beginning of the last century, was baptized with the Holy Spirit



On watchnight we had a blessed service, praying that God’s blessing might rest upon us as the new year came in. During the first day of 1901 the presence of the Lord was with us in a marked way, stilling our hearts to wait upon Him for greater things. A spirit of prayer was upon us in the evening. It was nearly eleven o’clock on this first of January that it came into my heart to ask that hands be laid upon me that I might receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. As hands were laid upon my head the Holy Spirit fell upon me, and I began to speak in tongues, glorifying God. I talked several languages. It was as though rivers of living water were proceeding from my innermost being.


From: Nils Bloch-Hoell, The Pentecostal Movement, Published simultaneously in the United Kingdom by George Allen & Unwin LTD., London, and in the United States of America by Humanities Press Inc., New York, printed in Norway 1964, page 23