The hierarchical and denominational organization



The hierarchical organization system is contrary to the Word of God and thus, like all the things which are contrary to the Word of God, it has harmful effects on those Churches which accept it. Therefore I exhort you to expose it.

Obviously, I exhort both those who have already accepted it and those who would like to accept it because they also would like to join a religious association legally recognized by the Italian Government in order to enjoy some privileges and facilities, which they don’t enjoy yet and which they can enjoy only by joining an existing religious association.

Why is this system contrary to the Word of God? Because it compels the Churches to accept human rules, which cause the Churches to be led astray from the simplicity and the purity that are in Christ and promote arrogance and all sorts of wrong behaviours.

Therefore the Churches of God must not form a confederation (or a denomination) with a Statute, a General Council, a Secretary, and a President. Such an organization is oligarchic and pyramidal and is very similar to the papacy, and it gives the President so much power over the Churches and the ministers that the President is a sort of ‘pope’.

Churches must be ruled by a pastor helped by a body of elders and must remain self-governing and independent, just as they were self-governing and independent in the days of the apostles.

Obviously, this does not exclude some kinds of collaboration and the fellowship between Churches, but they must make every effort to keep their independence.

Brothers, if anyone among you wants to join a denomination do not listen to him. For now what I have said is enough; however, God willing, I will return to this subject in another book.