Various kinds of games



I exhort you, brothers, not to play cards because cards have occult origin (we donít know for sure who invented cards because there are different opinions about this matter) and in fact, as you know, they are used by fortune-tellers to predict the future (they practice an occult art called cartomancy). It doesnít matter if someone wants to play cards with you in order to bet some money or just to spend some time playing cards; do not play this game, which the devil has used and still uses to destroy whole families and to induce many people to commit suicide. If you still have some playing cards, take them and burn them.

I exhort you not to play those videogames so much in fashion today, for they are powerful weapons in the hands of Satan to cause men to waste much money and much time. Not to mention that in many of these videogames appear monsters and other diabolical things which are connected to the world of occultism. I warn you to abstain also from playing with Ouija Board, which is an occult game using wooden board and pointer, which spells out messages allegedly from the dead. This game can lead to demon oppression or possession. Those who attempt to contact the dead by means of a Ouija Board practice necromancy, and thus they are an abomination to God.

Furthermore, be careful about the toys you buy for your children because many of the children toys which are on the market are connected to the world of occultism. These toys tend to present witchcraft as a joke, and to induce children to make friends with monsters, snakes, dragoons, etc. If you still have some of these toys, I exhort you to destroy them (do not give them to other people) and to throw them away immediately.

There are other games we, as believers, must abstain from, such as those games many Churches play on the last day of the year or on some other occasions. Tombola, Monopoly, eating spaghetti without fork and spoon, but just with oneís mouth, to see who comes first, and many others. They cause you to waste time and some of them are buffooneries,

We must abstain also from all the worldly riddles and puzzles which are so widespread, it is not difficult to see people on the bus or on the train taking pleasure in solving riddles and puzzles. They are a waste of time and tends to cause believers to use their mind in a wrong way, that is to say, they induce believers to look for the answers to some questions and to solve some riddles which are in most cases useless, and they tend to distract believers. Thatís why I exhort you to abstain from them.