Doing the pools, betting on numbers at the State lottery, and betting one's money on horses



The pools is a form of gambling on the results of soccer matches, and is very much widespread also in this country. There are other widespread forms of gambling such as the State lottery and the bet on horses.

Those who bet on the pools present their coupon to a bar (or some other place) and on this coupon they have written the results of the soccer matches as they expect them, they pay some money hoping that they have guessed right. As for the State lottery, people bet on certain numbers that they think will be drawn on the appointed day of the week, in this case also they pay some money hoping that they have guessed right. As for betting on horses, people bet some money on a certain horse that they think will win the race (and even on the horse that will come second), hoping that they have guessed right.

Why do so many people bet money on the pools, on the numbers at the State lottery, and on horses, every week? Why do they try their fortune, as they say? Because they hope to become rich without working and in a very short time, and to be the next ‘lucky’ bettor.

Why must believers abstain from betting their money on soccer matches’ results, on numbers, and on horses? Because to try one’s fortune (or luck) is not fitting for people who confess that they are strangers and pilgrims on the earth and who desire to depart from their body and be with the Lord in heaven. To try one’s fortune means not to be content with what one has, while, as believers, we are commanded to be content with what we have, as it is written: “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have” (Hebrews 13:5 – NIV), that’s why we don’t need to bet on the pools!!

In addition to this, it must be said that doing the pools and betting on the numbers of the State Lottery and on horses have some harmful effects on people, because these forms of gambling lead them to follow soccer matches, the drawing of numbers at the State Lottery, and the horse races, and these events fill them with anxiety while they wait for the results, they fill them with despair and wrath when they lose, and then they lead them little by little to specialize in the bets and to bet more money; “Deep calls unto deep …” (Psalm 42:7 – NKJV), and a believer, knowing what harmful effects these bets have on people’s life, abstains from them, lest he walk in paths where there is no peace, or joy, and where people waste much time and much money.

To sum up: the children of God, being strangers and pilgrims who are on the way to heaven, must be content with what they have and therefore they must not desire to become rich. Furthermore, they must not bet money on these things because that would have harmful effects on their life. I remind you that many bettors all over the world have ruined themselves.