Going to the stadium to see the soccer match



Believers must not go to the stadium to see the soccer match: you may ask: ‘Why?’ For the same reason I told before, that is, lest you have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. Let us consider this other worldly lust: what is it? It consist in going to see two soccer teams playing a game with violence and many fouls. However, the point is that those who go to the stadium go to hear people blaspheme against God, insult the opposite team, the referee and the supporters of the opposite team, and sometimes they go to see the supporters of both teams beating one another. Those who, before turning to the Lord, used to go to the stadium, know very well the atmosphere which is in a stadium during a soccer match, that’s why they have decided not to go there any more.

The fact is that when you watch a soccer match together with many other people, it happens that somehow you are led to make remarks about the match, the referee, the fouls and many other things; and these remarks are made in a state of enthusiasm (if your favourite team is winning) or in a state of affliction (if your favourite team is losing) and your mood influences what you say and how you say it. I mean that when you are among a crowd of unbelievers who are happy or disappointed you are easily led to say wrong things or to act badly against somebody.

All these things lead us to say that going to see a soccer match is useless and harmful to the spiritual life of a believer, and in fact it does not help him to honor his neighbour or to be meek towards all men (while, according to the Scripture we must honor all men and be meek towards them). Rather the atmosphere which is during a soccer match makes him become corrupted and causes him to speak against the opposite team and become violent.

The Scripture says that “a violent man entices his neighbor, and leads him in a way that is not good” (Proverbs 16:29 - NKJV), and that’s exactly what a fanatic supporter does when he brings his neighbor to the stadium. Therefore, brothers, above all you younger people, when you are invited to go to the stadium reject the invitation, lest you walk in way which is not good and which is full of thorns and snares.