Worldly music and worldly concerts



A son of God must stop listening to the worldly music and going to the concerts held by the singers of this world. Therefore he must take all his old music tapes and records and throw them away. However, he’d better break them first, to keep those who may find them from picking them up. Furthermore, as I said before, he must stop going to the concerts held by his former idols. The reason is this: since he is a new creature in Christ, he must no longer present his ears as slaves of iniquity, so he can’t listen to the music of those who don’t know God, which music exalts vanity, obscenity and perversion. The Scripture says: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). That’s why when a man comes to the knowledge of the truth he thinks that he must get rid of all the worldly music he used to listen when he was lost, because he knows that he is no longer the same, he knows that he has new tastes, which are completely different from the former ones. What was formerly a pleasure for him, now it’s an abomination; what he formerly liked to hear, now it disturbs and distresses him.

All these things must be said also about the concerts; therefore, if he formerly inquired about the time and place where the concert of his favourite singer would take place, now he is no longer interested in knowing these things because he does not want to attend his concerts any longer. He knows that if he attends these concerts he will spend his money for useless things, and will defile himself. But there are some believers who have not yet got rid of their worldly tapes and records, for they still keep them in their cars and in their houses and from time to time they listen to them. To these people I say: ‘It is time you put a stop to this worldly music!’ You even go to the worldly concerts, what kind of edification your receive from them? You are asleep, awake! Stop loving the music of this world’.

Brothers, know this, that if you begin to listen with pleasure to the worldly songs they will little by little enter your mind and your heart; for we easily memorize the melody and the words of a song. That’s why we must watch, so that we might not be fascinated by the vain melodies and the empty words of these songs which sometimes we hear involuntarily.