Displaying in one's house the photos of departed loved ones and visiting their grave



As for the photos of the dead people and going every now and then to visit the grave where they are buried, how should a believer behave after one of his loved ones has died and been buried?

As to the photographs, he should not display them in his house, and as to visiting his grave he should not go to visit it periodically, as the Roman Catholics do thinking that they do a good work. The dead are either with the Lord in heaven or in hell, they know nothing, they cannot receive any good from us any longer, and we cannot receive any good from watching their photographs (rather we receive harm because by watching their photos our grief increases). Therefore, if you still have in your house some photographs of dead people, maybe with some flowers before them or even with some candles before them, I exhort you to take away all these things which grieve the Holy Spirit and attract demons. And if you are in the habit of visiting the grave of the dead people, I exhort you to stop doing such a thing, which is useless, which troubles, and which causes you to waste your time. Do good to the living, visit the living.